Digital Media- New Learners in the 21st Century

The story that I chose to focus on from the video was the first one about “Quest to Learn.” I chose this one because it is all about helping the digital learners and teaching students in different ways, other than the traditional lecture and textbook based style. 

One thing that I really enjoyed from Quest to Learn is that they call all the different subjects by non-traditional names, like math is “Codewords.”  I thought this was really cool because it makes learning more fun for the students and they are not constantly thinking, “oh it’s time to go to math,” but instead are thinking “ooo, time for me to go to codewords!” (Or at least that’s what I would be like!)

In Quest to Learn, students are invested a lot more in their education and are directing their own learning, instead of relying completely on the teacher. While I recognize that this would not work in a traditional school and classroom with all students, I think that this is a great way to get students more invested in learning because they actually want to work on what they chose to work on. The aspect of Game Design really helps to bring in the “fun” aspect for students who wouldn’t want to go to school on a daily basis.  Quest to learn gives very structured guidelines in creating the games and what they must entail, but when assessment time comes around, the teacher is not always 100% sure on what they are going to get back from the students.  Students have to think ahead on what they want their game to look like and also make sure that they include everything that needs to be included.

Incorporating Game Design into a lesson would be really cool to try. It wouldn’t work for every lesson, but I would love to have a project where guidelines are given, but the rest is up to the students.  I feel that this game design piece would really help to draw in many students who are not usually into math, and help them to see that math can be fun!


One thought on “Digital Media- New Learners in the 21st Century

  1. Thanks for your post. There are many great apps and sites for basic “coding” or logic games. Many elementary teachers use these sites for centers and middle high use for independent projects. Schools are moving towards more Personalized Learning for all kids. This is a wonderful step, but the teacher role changes in this model. They become more advisors and facilitators, which many are uncomfortable with:) I remember employing Project/Problem based projects when I taught in the computer lab (10 years ago). I felt unnecessary at times and a little guilty that I wasn’t talking/instructing the whole time:) Our students also need to be trained to succeed in this model. Kids need to learn how manage time/tasks in different ways. It is not the easiest way to teach, which is way many teachers don’t take it on. These skills are becoming more and more important for preparing our kids for their futures. The 80/20 model is great way to give kids some exposure of personalized learning:)

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