Pixlr: Photo Manipulation

This week we used Pixlr, an online free photo editing and manipulation website. You can upload any pictures you want and then put them together or put yourself on someone else’s head or put yourself in space. Whatever you want. It’s really neat because you don’t have to pay for anything, Pixlr is completely free. Although it may not be as jazzy as Photo Shop, it’s still a great tool to stash away and keep for future use.

For my Pixlr photo manipulation, I decided to place myself inside of a lion’s mouth. Why, you ask? Well, why not? Here’s the final product:


I also did a photo manipulation when I took an educational technology class in undergrad, and I used the same picture of myself to do it. That one took a lot longer and I did it in Photo Shop instead of using Pixlr. Here’s that final product:



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