I have discovered Glogster!

Not only is Glogster the coolest name for a website ever, but it is also a super helpful way to organize ideas and make an online presentation or infographic on a topic. I decided to make a “glog” on Fractals, because I am a math nerd and find fractals to be extremely entertaining and interesting. I found that you can change the backgrounds, you can add pictures as well as words and you can even link to outside videos and sources from each of the things you add to the infographic.  I think it would be really neat to be able to print out the infographic, even though some of the information that you linked to would be lost. I could imagine that teachers would be willing to make their own educational posters and print them out and maybe even blow them up to hang in the classroom. 

Glogster can also be a useful tool to encourage exploration on topics that aren’t always covered in depth in class. By combining all the resources into one place for students to click on and explore is extremely helpful and encourages further exploration. Here I combined pictures with small snippits of what Fractals are, but then encouraged people to click on the pictures and writing to learn more about what everything is. Image

Glogster offers many opportunities to embed the “glog” you created into your own personal webpage as well as giving a lot of layout options. When mousing over the pictures that have a website attached to them, a “www” pops up to allow the viewer to see that there is more information available to them, should they choose to click on the links. You can also add pictures, and Glogster gives opportunities to place “stickers” on the poster as well to make it more fun and interesting. There are a variety of fonts to choose from to really make it your own and design something to fit your needs. I browsed around Glogster and found that there are many, many glogs out there for your needs. There are glogs on the Letter “E”, on Human Anatomy, Animal Adaptations and that’s just a small sample of what’s out there for you to use. Of course, you can always create your own to tailor to your students, but looking around at what other people created allows for you to see each of the things Glogster lets you do. It also shows you things you never knew about, and will inspire your creativity. I really enjoy Glogster and I can’t wait to play around with it a little more and see what it can really do. 


2 thoughts on “I have discovered Glogster!

  1. Great review. It is a great resource for ‘packaging’ instructional content for your students…it could be a one stop shop of all things for a Unit.

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