My Most Influential Tweets (thus far..)

This was really hard to try and pick my most influential tweets thus far.. I was retweeted by National Science Foundation.. So that’s cool and influential right?

This tweet was influential because I was retweeted by 3 others and favorited by 6 people who agreed with what I had to say. I think it was influential because I was mentioned by the National Science Foundation and my ideas were spread throughout all 480,000 of their followers to see. I think that it was a great conversation that NSF was having about how to encourage students to become the next generation of “makers” and not only be passive learners. It is super important to watch these discussions, if not to participate, then to get ideas from other individuals that you may not have realized exist on twitter. This was the first time I “participated” in a #chat on Twitter and I think it was really valuable to see what other people have to say on different topics.

I think that this tweet is influential because it helps to educate people about what teachers do on a daily basis. I think that a lot of time people see teachers as glorified baby sitters, which is the complete opposite of what teachers do. Sometimes I’m sure the teachers of younger grades feel like they are glorified babysitters, but they are really molding the young minds of children.  I think it’s important for people to know that while we do get the summers “off,” teachers spend a lot of their summer planning for the next year and getting the materials ready.

This tweet I just really like and think that it is very helpful for other teachers, but I wouldn’t say it’s influential.. I didn’t even make it up!However, I think it’s an awesome tool to have and puts all of the best iPad apps into one picture to look at. They have also labeled each app so that when you are looking at it, you can tell what the name is. I wish that it linked to an article where each app was explained a little more and told what it was used best for.  As a future math teacher, I want to find apps that are going to be useful with my own classroom in addition to other people’s as well.


One thought on “My Most Influential Tweets (thus far..)

  1. Great highlights. Thanks for taking on Twitter during this class. I hope you continue, I will be following and retweeting:)

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