My First Attempt at a Flipped Classroom



So I attempted to flip a lesson to use in a math classroom. This was really hard. I used Educreations and this final piece was my SIXTH attempt to do it. Every time I would mess up, you had to start allllll over from the beginning. I was very annoyed with the app (and myself) by the end of this, and will probably be trying to find another tool to use if I ever attempt this again. Overall, Educreations is a great tool if you’re just going over homework and want to record yourself doing short things because if you mess up, it’s only 2 or 3 minutes. However, trying to do a whole lesson that runs around 10 minutes for a high school math class, gets to be real fun when you have to start over in the 8th minute 3 times. However, I am pleased with the way my final “cut” came together and I think that it will get easier as I practice this more. To see my flipped lesson final product click the picture below.


For this lesson, I would have students watch the video one time all the way through, not worrying about taking notes or pausing the video. They can go back if they don’t understand anything, but I want them to not have to worry about taking everything in the very first time they watch it. Then, after watching it one time through, I will have students go through the video again and complete the notes page that I have made up for them. This notes page will be a completion homework grade, so that I know that students watched the video before coming to class. The notes page will have video times for each question, so students know where to go back to the video to get help with the particular problem. This is also beneficial for students to refer back to when doing practice problems, they can also know where to look for help in the original video in the off chance they do not understand the notes they took on the notes page. To see the notes page, click here.


2 thoughts on “My First Attempt at a Flipped Classroom

  1. This was a solid lesson, and you clearly knew your material and conveyed it effectively. I admire your tenacity in using educreations–I gave up after a couple of tries. Slope guy and your ski pic were awesome additons.

  2. I really liked this lesson!! I loved how you had prepared slides and then drew on top of it to illustrate your work. I plan to try to use educreations in the future!

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